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white alder fact sheet

Employment | Spherical seedhead, Leaves: trifoliate, leaflets oval or heart shape may have light crescent mark on upper side. Several Liriomyza species of leafmining flies make long serpentine mines through leaves of flower and vegetable garden plants. WORKING PROPERTIES Middle-aged White Alder. Needleminers. Short (1/2 to 1 inch), … Adults are small gray flies, about half the size of a house fly and they emerge in spring to lay eggs on the underside of leaves. 0000000016 00000 n Revised 7/14. The deciduous four-inch-long, glossy leaves are dark green above and lighter below and appear just after the springtime display of the six-inch-long, greenish-yellow catkins. A wide range of weeds may be encountered.

2020 budget fact sheet lowering drug prices putting- american patients first: lowering list prices, reducing out -of-pocket costs, and improving negotiation and competition Adults are tiny beetles that jump which makes pits in leaves, producing a lacy appearance of foliage when they are abundant. If controls are attempted with insecticides there are two approaches to consider. 0000005535 00000 n by W.S. 0000001930 00000 n Fifield Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-0670 Tentiform Leafminers. Normally these insects are very well controlled by natural enemies and outbreaks are almost always associated with use of insecticides. 0000004482 00000 n 0000001771 00000 n A North American native commonly found along streams, White Alder is a quick-growing tree (to 30 inches per year) reaching 50 to 75 feet in height, sometimes up to 100 feet, and has a spread of 30 to 40 feet (Fig. %%EOF symbol: ALRH2 Leaf: Alternate, simple, deciduous, ovate or oval, 2 to 4 inches long, with finely serrated or doubly serrated margins (not revolute); green to yellow-green above and paler green below. USDI, GS, BRD, Northern Prairie

Outbreaks, if they occur, are usually very short-lived. Vegetable Leafminers.

Cranshaw, D.A. Another small moth, the lilac leafminer (Caloptilia syringella) produces a blotch mine and then folds edge of lilac and privet leaves. For detailed information consult local weed agronomists or visit NSW DPI - Weed control in Lucerne and Pastures 2007, High; nutritive value decline with maturity is considerably less than for most other species, Good autumn and spring/early summer vigour; good winter-active cvv are available for districts (eg coastal) with milder winter, High bloat risk if dominant in spring.

The eggs of this insect are quite distinctive, being white and laid in small masses. 0000001287 00000 n

Adults chew small pits in the leaf. Several kinds of insects have developed this habit, including larvae of moths (Lepidoptera), beetles (Coleoptera), sawflies (Hymenoptera) and flies (Diptera). An experienced team with involvement in every major discovery in the White Gold district to date. Few, if any, leafminers pose any significant threat to the health of trees or shrubs.

Plant Guides are similar but more extensive. Larvae of several tiny moths (Phyllonorycter species) produce blotch mines in leaves that pucker when they dry out, somewhat resembling a pup tent.

Outbreaks are rare because these insects are normally heavily attacked by parasites and other natural enemies. Dinotefuran (Safari) is presently only available through commercial applicators. A North American native commonly found along streams, white alder is a quick-growing tree (to 30 inches per year) reaching 50 to 75 feet in height, sometimes up to 100 feet, and has a spread of 30 to 40 feet. CSU A-Z Search

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The sawfly leafminers produced a single generation each year. Fact Sheets & Plant Guides is a partnership of the National Plant Data Team and the Plant Materials Program.

Alder, a relative of birch, is almost white when freshly cut, but quickly changes with exposure to air, becoming light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge. Probably two generations are normally produced. 0000005064 00000 n Examples of non-native leafminers are those found on elm (elm leafminer, European elm flea weevil), birch (birch leafminer), and the tentiform leafminers of apple. Adults are tiny dark flies and females make leaf punctures with their ovipositor so that they can drink plant fluids.

Serpentine leaf mines wind snake-like across the leaf gradually widening as the insect grows.

Print this fact sheet. High nutritive value and year round growth.

Most sawflies chew on the surface of leaves, but four species found in Colorado develop as leafminers of woody plants. TSX-V:WGO $0.98 -0.01 OTC - NASDAQ INTL: WHGOF $0.74 -0.02 INTRODUCTION.

More common are various blotch leaf mines which are generally irregularly rounded. ©2020, Colorado State University Extension, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523 USA. 0000003224 00000 n Can be grazed hard but is susceptible to sustained heavy grazing by sheep in dry conditions; densely stoloniferous but varies with cultivars, small leaved cultivars are less susceptible.

ASBPA is committed to providing science-based guidance and information on a wide-range of coastal issues and topics. The developing larvae produce large blotch mines in leaves during late spring. Well suited to peaty soil.

Contact your local county Extension office through our County Office List. Wherever you live, Extension’s job is to determine what issues, concerns and needs are unique to each community, and offer sound and effective solutions. Red alder and white alder can be difficult to distinguish from each other. Optimum range, 18-30°C, Grasses:  most temperate and subtropical spp.

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