20 Oct

voting poll wait times

Once you’ve got detailed information about what will be on your ballot, you can use the estimator. Serious consequences of long wait times — from economic costs to reduced likelihood of future voting — have been well-documented, but the efforts from the PCEA, scholars, and election officials to address the issue appear fruitful and the most recent election has seen positive changes. Early Voting Election Day OK × Hours of Operation. The tool is easy and doesn’t require any preparation to use. The average American voter thus experienced the shortest wait time to vote in 2016 in the history of the SPAE. After long lines and wait times made headlines in 2012, Barack Obama cast a national spotlight on the issue, mentioning it in his election night speech as well as the following year’s State of the Union address. In some cases, that’s because we don’t have enough data for that ballot combination to give us a more precise estimate. The estimator works under the assumption that the formulas that somewhat accurately describe past voting times can also predict future ones. Despite the gains made in the 2016 election, these numbers indicate that more work is needed to understand and address the racial disparities in wait times. When you use this estimator with the. The possible maximum voting wait, indicated with the dotted pink line, is about 15 minutes at its highest point.

Early voting began in Texas on Tuesday with lines and hours-long wait times for thousands of voters at some locations. But, remember that your estimated vote time also comes with a range. ElectionTools.org is a collection of free resources to help election officials improve the voter experience. The EPI dataset includes wait time averages at the state level for the last three presidential elections and the 2014 midterm election. Here’s an example: Finally, select your voting style — either paper ballots or electronic (DRE) voting. In this sense, the study argues that the racial gap may result from a difference in how election officials handle white and minority precincts, including, for example, in the allocation of resources such as poll workers and voting machines. min. To minimize wait times on Election Day, election officials need an estimate of how long, on average, it will take voters to mark the ballot. Jessica McGowan/Getty Images The estimator provides an predicted average vote time, and individual voters’ times will vary much more widely than the averages. So, even with the extremes of the voting time estimate, our predicted wait times are generally reasonable. Notably, the shortest wait times in the 2016 election were found in the three states that offer a vote by mail (VBM) option: Oregon (with an average of 0.49 minutes), Washington (1.47), and Colorado (2.40). The estimator will provide a projected average vote time. For input 6, the average number of minutes a voter will take to vote, enter your estimate from the Voting Time Estimator. Member station WABE reported Monday that the state has 7.6 million registered voters in this election — a record number for Georgia. The Voting Time Estimator provides a range of average voting times that are likely for your ballot and voting style. While the issue would later fade from public discussion about the 2016 election, at the time, long wait times during the primary and general elections were, at the time, a high-profile topic for heightened scrutiny and debate. Wait times are generally seen as an indication of how easy it is to cast a vote; long waits to vote can be a barrier to greater public political participation. You can find more work from him at his blog or Twitter page. The “Voting Wait Time” indicator in the EPI captures the average time spent waiting in line to vote at the polls. State-level patterns add some nuance to this overall improvement — the plot here shows the yearly average wait time for the last three general elections at the state level: Although some states’ wait times have remained fairly stable over time, others have seen considerable improvement.

Printed from ElectionTools.org: Free, practical tools for election officials (electiontools.org), Using your estimate with the Polling Place Resource Planner, Based on data collected from a variety of elections held across the United States, this tool will help you estimate how much time voters will spend in the voting booth. The data used to calculate it comes from the MIT-run Survey of the Performance of American Elections, which conducts and compiles online interviews of registered voters in the 50 states and Washington, D.C. about their voting experience. Georgia voters endured long lines on the first day of early voting on Monday at the C.T. Voting lines were still long heading into the evening hours. With our extreme low estimate of 2.4 minutes, the planner predicts 0 minutes as the highest average wait to vote and a maximum possible voting wait of about 10 minutes at its highest point. To understand how your estimated vote time can impact wait times at the polls, you can use your estimate with the Polling Place Resource Planner. Voters in Washington D.C., Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, and Montana also saw decreases in their average wait to vote. Independent software developer and consultant Mark Pelczarski contributed this tool. The Voting Time Estimator will provide you with a reasonable estimate based on the contents of your ballot and your voting method (paper ballots or electronic voting).

We’re happy to provide support and address any questions you might have about collecting voting time data. Get started by visiting the Voting Time Estimator website. The recently released 2016 Election Performance Index (EPI) documents wait times since the 2008 election, shedding light on an important aspect of election administration and democracy. You may find that some types of ballots have a wider range of predicted averages than others. Voting: 2 tools to help avoid long wait times We can't predict just how many people will cast a ballot for the upcoming General Election in November , but we do know that Presidential Election cycles draw the largest voter turnouts.

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