20 Oct

politics in bolivia

The tightly fought referendum laid out a number of key reforms such as allowing President Evo Morales to stand for re-election, state control over natural gas and limits on the size of land people can own. Three political parties were dominant from 1982 to 2005: The Revolutionary Nationalist Movement which had carried out the 1952 Revolution; Revolutionary Left Movement; and Nationalist Democratic Action founded in 1982 by former dictator and later elected President Hugo Banzer. However, Mesa is extremely unpopular in the eastern lowlands around Bolivia’s largest city and business centre, Santa Cruz. Morales increased taxation on the hydrocarbon industry to bolster social spending, emphasising projects to combat illiteracy, poverty, racism, and sexism. He favours dialogue and rapprochement and rejects Áñez’s authoritarian excesses. Exiled ex-president's party defeats US-backed government in Bolivia's presidential election, Morales party claims win as Bolivia seems to shift back left, Exiled Bolivian President Morales vows to return to country ‘sooner or later’ after socialists’ election win, Morales Party Claims Victory in Bolivia's Presidential Vote, Morales party claims victory in Bolivia presidential vote, Luis Arce presumed winner of Bolivia presidential election, Bolivia’s socialists seal election comeback after centrist rival concedes vote, Bolivia’s socialists seal comeback win after tumultuous year, Bolivia: Political Figures Acknowledge Arce's Victory In The Polls, Elections in Bolivia: Preliminary Results Show the MAS Winning with 52.4 Percent, Bolivia Election: Evo Morales’s Party Won Presidential Vote, Runner-Up Concedes, Bolivia’s Socialists Are Back in Power, One Year After a Coup, Evo Morales says he will return to Bolivia after ally's election victory, Ally Of Socialist Evo Morales On Track To Win Bolivia's Election As Rival Concedes, Socialists swept back to power in Bolivia one year after controversial Morales ouster, MAS Victory in Bolivian Elections a “Triumph for Democracy,” CEPR Co-Director Says, Secretary-General Applauds Bolivia’s ‘Highly Participative and Peaceful’ Elections, Socialists win big in Bolivia; Morales expected to return from exile, Bolivian elections: Carlos Mesa concedes defeat to MAS, Bolivia’s Mesa accepts election defeat after rapid vote count indicates solid victory for socialist Arce, Morales says will return to Bolivia after ally's election victory, MAS victory in Bolivia is popular victory, Cuban FM says, Bolivian Future Hangs in Balance, MAS Vote Vital to Restore Peace, Party's Spokeswoman Says, Bolivia’s socialist party claims massive victory a year after ‘US-backed coup’, Government of Argentina congratulates new president of Bolivia, Bolivians Return Evo Morales' Party to Power One Year After a U.S.-Applauded Coup, Evo Morales: 'MAS Fulfilled Its Promise, It Became Millions', Socialist Party of Bolivia's Embattled Ex-President Is About to Win a Landslide Victory, Sorry, Elon Musk and the OAS, but you won’t ‘coup whoever you want’, Socialists Are Claiming Victory in Bolivia's Post-Coup Election, Why Elon Musk Is Getting Owned Over Bolivia's Election, Evo Morales’ party claims victory in Bolivia’s presidential election, Socialist Luis Arce Declares Victory in Bolivia Election, The coup didn't take: Socialists’ victory in Bolivia shows more unity than foreign meddlers would like, Bolivia’s socialist party declares victory in election redo, Bolivia: Socialist Candidate Seen Winner Of Presidential Election, Bolivia Exit Polls Suggest Victory For Socialist Party, Morales aide claims victory in Bolivia's presidential vote, ‘Viva democracy!’ Socialists score stunning triumph in Bolivia’s election, Democracy restored in Bolivia as left wins thumping election victory, MAS election victory in Bolivia generates wide repercussion, Bolivia elections: socialist Luis Arce celebrates projected victory amid democratic fragility, In Bolivia, successor to Evo Morales claims victory, Bolivia awaits official election results, but the Socialist candidate is being congratulated, Luis Arce: 'We Recovered Democracy and Took Back Our Country', MAS candidate triumphs in historic Bolivian elections, Polling data show Luis Arce will become next president of Bolivia. Currently, the MAS stands as a party committed to equality, indigenous rights, agrarian land reform, Constitutional reform as well as nationalization of key industries with an aim to redistribute the returns through increased social spending.

What’s Next? The election was postponed twice because of the coronavirus pandemic. [1], The civil war between the Conservatives and the Liberals ended in 1899 with the latter's victory; a liberal era began that lasted until 1920.

Trailing in all the polls has been Luis Fernando Camacho, a conservative businessman who helped lead last year’s uprising, as well as a Korean-born evangelist. Bolivian liberalism, however, is clearly losing its progressive character to coexist with the interests of the new tin fortunes (the liberal era is sometimes also considered to be the tin era, with tin production having increased considerably), landowners and the army. The tightly fought referendum laid out a number of key reforms such as allowing President Evo Morales to stand for re-election, state control over natural gas and limits on the size of land people can own. She retired from politics in 1993, and died in 2011. Bolivia's Socialist Candidate Picked by Evo Morales, Luis Arce, Evo Morales’ protégé, claims victory in Bolivia’s presidential election, Bolivian socialist candidate set to win election outright: exit poll, Bolivians waiting anxiously for results in an election which hopefully can restore stability, Luis Arce, from ex-leader Evo Morales’ party, on course to win Bolivian presidency – exit polls, Evo Morales' socialist party claims victory in Bolivia's presidential election, Bolivia’s Socialist Candidate Seen Winner of Presidential Election, Bolivia: Exit polls show victory for MAS candidate Arce, Morales’ party claims victory in re-run Bolivian election, Movement Towards Socialism wins elections in Bolivia, Bolivia 'Has Recovered Democracy', Says Arce As Exit Poll Suggests Win, Bolivia’s socialists claim victory as unofficial count shows big win, Morales aide claims victory in Bolivia’s election redo, Bolivian election exit polls show socialist candidate ahead, Bolivian socialist candidate Arce set to win election outright, exit poll shows, Roundup: Bolivians go to polls for elections, candidates urge patience, prudence, Bolivia election: President calls for patience with slow vote count, Bolivia’s socialists claim victory as unofficial count shows big win, interim president concedes, Bolivia Electoral Chief Praises 'Successful' Election, But Count Slow, MAS Candidate Arce Winning in First Round of Bolivia’s Presidential Vote - Rapid Count, Socialist Presidential Candidate Arce Wins Bolivia's Elections, Uncertainty looms over Bolivia's elections, Bolivia tense awaiting results of presidential election redo, Bolivia awaits tense presidential election results amid coronavirus, Bolivia on edge as election night rolls on without results, Bolivians Vote as Former President Morales Pushes for His Candidate, Bolivia awaits voting results in election redo amid pandemic, The Long Wait for Official Results Disconcerts Bolivia, The OAS Recognizes the Bolivian People on Election Day held on Sunday, A Tense Bolivia Awaits Voting Results in Redo Amid Pandemic, Outgoing President Calls For Bolivia Patience With Slow Vote Count, Bolivia's outgoing president calls for patience with slow vote count, Voting starts in Bolivia's general elections, Bolivia's Elections: Voting Closes In Spain After Rugged Day, Bolivia's Electoral Authorities Begin to Give Official Results, Bolivia's outgoing president calls for patience amid slow vote count, Bolivia polls start to close in crossroads election as socialists eye return, At Least 4,500 Bolivians Could Not Vote in Sao Paulo, Bolivia's Election Day Went by Amid Irregularity Reports, Voting Ends at Most Polling Stations in Bolivia, Supreme Electoral Tribunal Reports, There's Big Chance of Morales' MAS Candidate Luis Arce Winning in First Round, Bolivian Journo Says, Bolivians Living Abroad Exercise Their Right To Vote, ‘Bring your own pen’: How Bolivia is voting amid the pandemic, De facto government of Bolivia bars Evo Morales from voting, Microphones will be muted at next US presidential debate, Trump-Biden debate will feature 'mute' button after chaotic first matchup, Trump, Biden will have mics off for initial responses during final debate, Hardliner’s win in North Cyprus vote may increase regional tensions.

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