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nba mascots salary

For starters, you may be paid at least $25,000 performing on home games and a per-hour rate when making appearances outside of the arena. As mentioned, NBA mascots perform more dangerous stunts, many of which involve the basket and flying through the air. How much do NBA mascots make? These include dancing, doing skits, and learning to communicate in a non-verbal way. The average annual pay for a Professional Mascot Job in the US is $40876 a year. NBA mascots are an integral part of professional basketball games. In general, mascots can make anywhere between $22,000 to $100,000 a year. Sometimes, their duties also involve dangerous stunts such as doing backflips on a ladder and tumbling down the arena stairs.

Let’s talk more about the skills that you need to become one. They are often the comedy relief during the game, serving to ease tensions during intense play.

This can be done by running away, covering the eyes, and shaking the knees. Some may make a little less and some may make more. Mascots are very much a part of professional sports as the athletes but have you ever wondered how much do NBA mascots make on average?

http://itsthevibe.com/nfl-mascots-salary-shouldnt-reason-want-job/, Jun 3, 2016 – The actual salary for NFL team mascots is up for debate. It was also interesting to know that there are mascot camps to attend if you want to work on your mascot skills.

The Sandiego Chicken and his crazy antics set the standard for most modern-day mascots. I am sure there are other mascots around who entertain the crowds in a similar fashion. These awesome entertainers can be seen in every arena around the league sporting their logos, colors, and team gear. As of June 2011,…, https://careertrend.com/info-12211938-salary-nfl-mascot.html, Rocky, the mascot for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, for example, is estimated to be one of the highest-paid mascots of any sport, taking home a six-figure salary,…, https://www.sportscasting.com/how-much-money-do-mascots-make/, Other mascots don’t receive hourly wages but salaries. Milwaukee’s Bango the Buck (Kevin Vanderkolk) has performed for 13 years and accumulated two ACL tears and one ankle injury which required surgery. In Denver, for example, they bring out the small trampoline and Rocky does all kinds of spectacular dunks. (played by Bob Woolf) is estimated to have an annual salary in the vicinity of $200,000. Who or what is the best team mascot in professional basketball? The first known professional sideline performer was thought to be Max Patkin who was known as the “Clown Prince of Baseball”. It was usually used in relation to gambling and they were seen as a good luck charm.

Jan 24, 2019 – NBA Mascot Salary: NBA mascots, for example, are one of those workers permanently employed there. In these camps, there are basic mascot gestures and safety lessons that you need to be proficient at. Some 11 years after plopping an NBA franchise in the desert, the Phoenix Suns stumbled upon a mascot when a gorilla (not a real one, mind you) delivered a message to a fan at halftime of a game. It might be surprising to know that these characters can make pretty good money. Many of them are professional athletes, acrobats and stunt people who must train and practice their routines to ensure that they can perfect stunts like flying from a trampoline and dunking or repelling on a rope from the ceiling of the arena. Do You Need to Get Training to Become a Mascot? These aren’t your typical high school mascots who cheers with the crowd.

That is precisely why NBA organizations pay a lot of money to mascots, and they probably earn every bit of it.

Some of these are handing out memorabilia, posing for photos, and hyping people up. These goofy characters are also actors who can get and keep the attention of very large crowds by finding ways to entertain them. He is reported to have made a whopping $625,000 a year!

Although his only costume was a traditional baseball uniform, his antics were probably the beginning of the type of performances we see from today’s mascots. Did you find this post helpful? Hoops Addict is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The league hands out awards for the best mascots and the money that comes with it is enough motivation for the mascots to be dedicated to their job. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. https://www.sapling.com/8087046/salary-mascot, Jun 7, 2019 – Currently, an NBA mascot salary is the top in the industry, going to a Denver Nuggets mascot who makes $625,000 a year. NBA mascots jump through hoops, spring on trampolines, run around the basketball court carrying huge team flags, and take a beating from Robin Lopez.

Similarly, Raptor (of the Toronto Raptors) ruptured an Achilles tendon while doing a backflip at Nova Scotia in 2013. The term “mascot” seems to have originated from the French term “mascoto” which means “witch, fairy or sorcerer”. There are mascot camps where you can learn performance skills.

Sep 23, 2015 – Mascots generally make anywhere from $25,000 a year starting out in the minor leagues to $60,000 in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, said Raymond, who now runs Raymond Entertainment, a character branding and mascot training company which has created and worked on more than 100 mascots over the past 20 years. Well, Rocky can do a lot of things including behind-the-back half-court shots and other aerial feats. Living in Denver, Colorado, I get a chance to attend some Denver Nuggets games every year. They really do make attending your favorite sporting event, especially an NBA basketball game, that much more memorable. The Simply Hired career and employment website offers limited information regarding mascot salaries nationwide. Jun 7, 2019 – Currently, an NBA mascot salary is the top in the industry, going to a Denver Nuggets mascot who makes $625,000 a year. As we now know, the most experienced mascots easily double that money and some like Benny the Bull and Rocky the Mountain Lion fetches six figures. The Denver Nuggets’ mascot,…. In mascot training, for example, you will master such non-verbal communication skills as expressing fear, surprise, or disappointment. The skills that you will be working on in professional mascot training are dance and acting lessons, character development, gymnastics moves, and other skills unique to the brand of an NBA team. And just how much does a mascot make …, 8. How Much Do Your Favorite Team Mascots Earn? If you go to a game at the Pepsi Center, you will see him and his antics all over the arena and sometimes even out by the concession stands. So, what are some of the necessary skills an NBA mascot should have? For all the fun it looks like they are having, this seems like a great deal. How Much Do Your Favorite Team Mascots Earn?

That’s very important.”, Did you find this post helpful?

If you are not like that, it will come through in your character. I have been to games at other arena’s and I don’t think I have ever seen a mascot that draws the type of attention that he does. The answer is simple: it is a tough job and they earn every bit of it. Typical salaries range…, https://www.startribune.com/ragnar-to-the-bears-and-just-how-much-does-a-mascot-make/328892521/.

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