20 Oct

echis carinatus

(2002) further investigated the immunological mechanism of the protective action of MPE against Echis carinatus venom. Fibrolase from the Southern Copperhead snake is an enzyme that cleaves fibrin. Colubridae are most often harmless to humans mainly because of the small size of their fangs and their position at the back of the mouth. [2][3], Most Echis species, such as those found in Africa, are oviparous, while others, such as those in India, are viviparous. Aguiyi and colleagues (Aguiyi et al., 2001; Guerranti et al., 2001) also investigated the effect of MPE pretreatment on venom-induced elevation of the serum enzymes lactate dehydrogenase, glutamate pyruvic transaminase, and creatine kinase, as well as increased prothrombin time and levels of D-Dimer (a parameter associated with disseminated intravascular coagulation). The color of coral snakes can resemble that of the common nonvenomous snakes Lampropeltis spp., but there is a major difference in the distribution of the color bands (yellow, red, and black) in their bodies.
Zaagschubadders (Echis) zijn een geslacht van zeer giftige slangen uit de familie adders.De groep werd voor het eerst wetenschappelijk beschreven door Blasius Merrem in 1820.. De Nederlandstalige naam zaagschubadders is te danken aan een rij kleine, tand-achtige uitsteeksels op de schubben aan de flanken van het lichaam.

Shape and size of the head and fangs are also varied; needless to say, sea snakes had to change their morphological characteristics to adapt to marine life.

[4], Its head marking is always cross-shaped. They inhibit platelet aggregation by binding with high affinity to the fibrinogen receptor (a.k.a integrin αIIbβ3) via a Lys-Gly-Asp recognition sequence. However, enzyme independent binding of PLA2 to phospholipids has also been found to prevent formation of the prothrombin complex, as shown in N. nigricollis, H. haemachatus, and N. atra[268]. Ecarin (Chapter 240), an enzyme in Echis carinatus sochureki (now renamed Echis sochureki), is a single-chain metallo-type enzyme of 55 kDa that exhibits strict substrate specificity [1]. Analysis of the oligosaccharides released from gpMuc by PNGase F indicated that they comprised a mixture of oligomannose-type structures and xylosylated structures; whereas the PNGase A-sensitive N-glycans contained (α1,3)-linked fucose.
Although disintegrins have similar functions, they have different structures. Known as evil creatures since biblical times, only a small percentage of the almost 3000 known species of snakes are venomous, and thus potentially dangerous to humans (Warrell, 2010). Injection of the venom increased the levels of albumin, haptoglobin, fibrinogen, serum amyloid A, and serum amyloid P. These venom-induced changes are due to the venom's effects on coagulation, inflammation, and hemolysis.

Also, UFH and, to a lesser extent, LMWH, carry significant risk in a number of clinical presentations and have uncertain benefit in the management of coagulopathic envenoming. (1992) suggested that thrombin inhibition with heparin or hirudin would probably provide the most “logical” means of treating R. subminiatus envenoming. Similarly, although LMWH exhibits an approximately 4:1 action in relation to binding to Factor X:thrombin, respectively, it would probably still be ineffective in envenomings from hazard level 1 colubrids that possess similar venom properties. The genus is recognized as medically significant in many tropical rural areas.

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