20 Oct

cps professional learning

Working in education is both rewarding and stressful. ● Partner with employers to provide workforce-based bachelor’s completion programs throughout the network in high-demand fields. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of learners, in the United States and elsewhere in the world, cannot afford to separate work from learning as in the traditional residential model of higher education. CPS will partner in platform development with the Office of the Provost to ensure that their users extend beyond traditional research university boundaries and audiences. Where an academic discipline has a “push” orientation towards the world—first develop fundamental knowledge from the ground up, and then push it out to address real-world challenges—a domain has a “pull” orientation, reaching into the university in order to connect people and solutions to practice. Why is it that the smartest people are not necessarily the most successful? As a result, non-implementing staff members should plan to attend the implementer training or one-day training designed specifically for administrators, counselors and psychologists. This training will provide in-depth examination of bullying prevention best practices designed to improve overall school climate with a focus on the vital role adults play in preventing and responding to school based acts of bullying – an overview of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Training will be provided as one example of a research based bullying prevention training designed to reduce bullying behaviors and improve school climate. Much is at stake, both for individuals and for their surrounding communities: in the words of President Aoun, “People are going to be left out of this economy” if universities do not step into their “responsibility to make people robot-proof.”. We are beginning a similar conversation on athletics leadership in higher education. Every year, we offer a number of engaging professional learning events in a variety of formats, tailored to the needs of our arts educators, advocates, and partners. Upon completion of this workshop, parents/caregivers will be able to: This training is designed for educators, helping professionals, parents and caregivers. In this session, parents and parent educators will learn strategies for talking with children and asking meaningful questions related to a story that help children stimulate critical thinking and perspective-taking skills and allow children to make connections to real life events. As such, social and emotional learning is critically important to EL instruction. We know the detrimental effects that bullying can have on all those involved and yet, we are often left wondering how to put this research into practice. This training will challenge participants to examine their own empathy skills and will focus on practical and engaging activities and discussions that participants can have with their students to help develop empathy and perspective-taking in the classroom. The first tier involves early identification and assessment of at-risk students, the second tier includes referral to community resources for additional support services and the third tier enhances protective factors which increase resilience and provide defense against stressors. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are grounded in the belief that educators have solutions to the challenges in public schools and need the time, space and resources to collaborate, develop and share them. This workshop is designed for all school personnel including teachers, administrators, support staff and non-instructional school professionals. Northeastern’s Graduate School of Education, the Lowell Institute School, the NExT program, the Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy, Northeastern Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning through Research (CATLR) and Research Institute for Experiential Learning Science (RIELS), will collaborate as a virtual education school, with the aim of achieving international recognition as the world’s foremost education school in the arena of pre-K-to-gray experiential learning.

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