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berthoud pass trail

There are some great views looking South to Engelmann Peak and Red Mountain. You will see Berthoud Pass Trailhead Parking lot there on your right and you are at the trailhead. Other Information: Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forests – http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/arnf/. Kitchen Accessories: Cookware, French Press coffee maker, serving utensils, plates, cups etc. It is very easy to operate and has clear instructions posted at the hut. We did Mt. Flora trail and we were able to walk around with a little work. 201.15 m Up Address: The Arapaho Forest Master Plan recognized the hut and the recreation use it serves. Flora Trail ( Part of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail), Ending Elevation:  13,100FT (Total Elevation Gain 1800Ft). 416.29 m Up Eva is the peak a little left of center with the remains of a building on it. • Bathrooms: There is one at the Berthoud Pass parking lot, but keep extra supplies handy, it is popular. 660' Down Explore our more than 50 Colorado Waterfall Hikes, our favorite Waterfall Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, or 7 Waterfalls within One Hour of Denver. The Broome's have a historical and continuing interest in Middle Park and have donated significantly to non-profits in the valley. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows about the matter, The county says that the falls for which Berthoud Falls was named are between mile markers 248 and 249 on U.S. 40, not far from the Big Bend switchback and Jones Pass Road. My guess is that this is not Berthoud Falls. There is no picnic area, and the ground is soaked in early Summer, but my guess is that you could bring a blanket in late summer and Fall and enjoy a picnic lunch by the falls. Herman Gulch: Take exit 218 on Interstate 70 and follow signs to the north side of the highway. Many people have fond memories of their trips to Second Creek. From the top of Berthoud Pass parking lot, cross Highway 40 and follow the singletrack trail up! 799.88 m Down. Something else? Flora Trail ( Part of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail) Starting Elevation: 11,315FT. It was the perfect distance as well as giving us another increase in elevation to help get us more practice with high altitude hikes. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. It was is almost a 40o ft decent, and the wall of snow hanging off of the ridge line was impressive. Fortunately there was only 3-4 people there to witness this awesome move in hiking navigation. The remaining 3/4 can be rented for a multitude of events: outdoor education, retreats, gatherings, individual use, reunions, recreation. 1/4 of the hut is open for day use by the general public for using the composting toilets and shelter. • 1 mile and 800 ft elevation gain, up a beautiful, sub-alpine trail. To view the Broome Hut floor plans and building renderings, CLICK HERE. Skiers climbing Berthoud Pass, CO Overall Aerial Map to Berthoud Pass Ski Map of Hell's Half Acre Ski Map to Floral Park Ski Map to West Side Ski Map of Current Creek Ski Map to Pumphouse Basin If needed, download Adobe Acrobat Reader. This side sleeps 16. Flora Trail > Traverse to Mt. • The pass is named for Edward L. Berthoud, the chief surveyor of the Colorado Central Railroad during the 1870s. The wind had picked up and the smoke from all the wild fires was building up more, we decided that we would turn around and try it another day. • Flora ( Details here) last September, it was our first and only 13er and a huge achievement for us. Please explain. 4.5 km The return route is easy except for the very steep climb from Vasquez Pass to Stanley Mountain! Join our Community. Accompanied by Jim Bridger, Berthoud discovered the pass in July 1861 while surveying a possible route for the railroad. Felt like we had the place to ourselves. We knew this was likely to be the last weekend we could work on our elevation hikes and sure enough it snowed this past week above 12,ooo ft. From Berthoud Pass, you can access a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels. On the way back from Flora we clearly saw the correct path coming off of Mines, if I had to guess it is straight North from the main road once you get to the top. It flowed under Highway 40 and down to clear creek. Flora trailhead. Follow US 40 for approximately 14.4 miles up through Empire to the top of Berthoud Pass. We parked by the southeast side right at the Mines Peak road part of the hike, but our smooth move last week of adding a couple of miles on to our trip by not reading the book carefully had me being extra cautious. — 12.0 km We really moved faster than I felt we have for some time. Flora trail we keep our aggressive pace and in no time we made it to the top. From peak 12,707, continue west along the ridge to peak 12,900. Flora trail so we just went down close to the ridge line since we could easily see the trail below. Want to get in front of travelers, where and when it’s relevant?
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Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow case. The other was the wind and then snow that final mile, but we prepared for it. The view West as we climbed to Colorado Mines Peak. Fortunately we had packed a lot of stuff to keep us warm, hats, neck warmers, mittens….. if we needed it, we also had long underwear tops and bottoms along with extra socks.

These cascades along US 40 will refresh your spirit and are immediately accessible right off the road.There are some unmaintained trails to explore, so check out the full profile below to discover more. I read about this trifecta of peaks in my Colorado Mountain Club book, we had already done Mt. If you enjoy our services, please consider donating.

that once came right down to beside Highway 40 at the north side, right at the site of old Berthoud Falls Inn. The trail head is located at mile marker 240 on the west side of Berthoud Pass. CDTC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. CDTC is a platinum-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.
The parking area is on the right (east) side of the highway. Trails Illustrated- #103, #104, USFS: Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest. This led me to walk over to the Northeast side of the lot, only to stupidly walk back across the trail to the Mines Peak road and past our car….again. 870' Down 1 mile and 800 ft elevation gain, up a beautiful, sub-alpine trail. It's that simple! There is also a day-use room at the hut but it is totally separated from the overnight area and they share no amenities. Layout and capacity: 2 bunk rooms with 6 beds each and 2 private rooms each of which sleeps 2 - capacity 16.

We are really close to our planned 14er and so this seemed like a good way to visit Mt. Flora so seeing the other 2 peaks felt right.

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