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where to find fedex account number on shipping label

A Certificate of Origin is frequently required for textiles exported to the European Union. Click to view additional changes to FedEx Ground barcodes, effective Spring 2016. FedEx Ship Manager Software is an ideal solution if you ship fewer than 150 packages a day but need the ability to customize reports, integrate shipping capabilities into your daily operation and coordinate with FedEx systems. If it is not possible to print the "H" immediately to the left of the Ship To address, you may place it elsewhere, but it must be within one inch of the Ship To address. Enter the three-digit destination airport code on the To line and "FX" (to designate FedEx Express) on the By First Carrier line. 1. For shipments that must travel on cargo aircraft only, enter "Cargo aircraft only." Or you can have blank forms faxed to you (call 1.800.851.3336). FedEx Ship Manager Lite provides: FedEx Ship Manager Lite cannot be used for the following shipments (please use FedEx Ship Manager at instead): To get started using FedEx Ship Manager Lite, select All Shipping Services from the Shipping tab at, then Ship Lite. Shipments that require additional customs documentation. Decrease manual data entry and reduce shipping errors. FedEx Ship Manager® Server boxes or to P.O. FedEx cannot deliver to P.O. †FedEx Ground customers will start using the new labels in January 2013. Select from these signature options: Direct Signature or Indirect Signature. box ZIP codes in the U.S., including U.S. military P.O. Use Preferences to set defaults for the options and information you use most when shipping. ALL DANGEROUS GOODS AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground & FedEx SameDay® City. 7. You can use P.O. Payment FedEx can also prepare a NAFTA Certificate of Origin for a fee. Internal Billing Reference You may assign any internal billing numbers or codes here. FedEx Express, FedEx Ground & FedEx SameDay, Special Handling and Delivery Signature Options, FedEx Ground Declared Value Shipment Form, Declared value: our maximum liability for packages, FedEx Express International Terms and Conditions,, Airport of Departure and Requested Routing, WT/VAL (PPD or COLL); Other (PPD or COLL), Declared Value for Carriage/Declared Value for Customs, U.S. or Puerto Rico to foreign countries other than Canada, U.S. to Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. or Puerto Rico to other U.S. territories, U.S. Virgin Islands to U.S., Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories, U.S. Virgin Islands to foreign countries (including Canada), U.S. territories to U.S., Puerto Rico, or other U.S. territories, Puerto Rico to U.S. or U.S. Virgin Islands. 14. Insurance Plus, learn how to complete other required shipping documents. 6. 13. Declared Value for Carriage/Declared Value for Customs FedEx cannot deliver to P.O. If billing to sender, recipient or third party, include the payer's FedEx account number. Your Commercial Invoice must also include this statement, known as the Shipper’s Declaration: "I declare all the information contained in this invoice to be true and correct. Shipments containing dangerous goods, hazardous materials or alcohol. FedEx cannot deliver to U.S. military P.O. 6. Plus, learn how to complete other required shipping documents. The preprinted FedEx IATA (023) Air Waybill number is located in the top-left corner of the air waybill. If you need a FedEx account number, register for one now. 4. Enter your shipping information. 5. If the shipment is unitized, the shipper load and count (SLAC) on each unit must be recorded on a blank line (e.g., 2 SKID 48x48x48 [SLAC 50 pcs@]). It aggregates all your orders received across various channels — such as eBay®, Amazon®, QuickBooksTM Online and others — for seamless order review, shipment processing and label creation. Addresses are available at our drop-off locator. The sticker, too, must be placed within one inch of the Ship To address. Detailed description of each commodity, including, but not limited to: Marks, numbers and symbols under which the commodity is packaged and sold, Composition, construction of product or both, Harmonized System (HS) classification number, Quantity with appropriate unit of measure, Weight with appropriate unit of measure (pounds or kilograms), Sale price or fair market value of each item, All charges and discounts associated with the transaction (such as packaging, shipping and insurance), Terms of sale (such as Free Carrier [FCA] or Carriage and Insurance Paid To [CIP]), Destination control statement required for most U.S. exports: "These commodities, technology or software were exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. 3. Recipient Information Required Signature Carrier Information I use a custom-designed label for FedEx Express® or FedEx Ground shipments. 6. Get exclusive benefits when you open a FedEx account. Indicate your choice of international service. Thank you. Rough diamonds are classified under Harmonized/Schedule B commodity numbers that begin with 7102.10, 7102.21 and 7102.31. You must provide a Declared Value for Carriage on the air waybill. Insurance If you want us to notify a contact upon arrival at the destination, enter "Notify upon arrival" and a complete name, address and phone number. 9. 2. We'll print the first 24 characters of this code on your invoice. Enter a detailed description of the commodities contained in the shipment and their dimensions. ", You can self-file EEI directly to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) AES. Rates, service options, delivery commitments and other key shipping information in an easy-to-use format. Use this air waybill, or the IATA Neutral Air Waybill, for FedEx International Premium, FedEx International Express Freight® and FedEx International Airport-to-AirportSM shipments. You can prepare your shipping labels and Commercial Invoices online using FedEx Ship Manager® at This includes recipient name, address, phone number and email address. The AES proof-of-filing citation or FTR exemption legend must be included when you complete documentation for your shipment.  If a broker or agent is tendering the shipment, the broker or agent must record the shipper’s name on the first line and its own signature on the second line. For shipments that must travel on cargo aircraft only, enter "Cargo aircraft only." The barcode length increased to 34 characters. Special Handling and Delivery Signature Options If you mark "other," enter the type of packaging (for example, drum, pail, box). Get more information by going to Providing complete, accurate documentation helps ensure that your FedEx International Ground shipments to Canada arrive on time. You will receive an AES proof-of-filing citation — which is an internal transaction number (ITN) — via email to enter in the appropriate field on your FedEx Ship Manager solution's processing screen. There are several ways to complete a Commercial Invoice: Your own corporate invoice is the preferred format if it contains specific information. 9. Accounting Information, 10. Optional Shipping Information For the most current list of proscribed countries, refer to Country Group E:1 (EAR 15 CFR 740). Go to the Order Supplies page or call 1.800.463.3339 and say "order shipping supplies" to order preprinted peel-and-stick airbills. The option to have copies of your shipping label and Commercial Invoice sent to your email address for your records. Bill To: If billing to sender, recipient or third party, include the payer's FedEx account number. Shipments where the Terms of Sale or Importer of Record need to be changed. 8. Click here for more information on FedEx® Delivery Signature Options. Â, 6. Special Handling and Delivery Signature Options. We've updated and improved the FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping labels. 4. Keep orders moving with helpful automation features that provide increased visibility and other benefits. This can be: You can order FedEx Ground barcode labels by calling 1.800.463.3339. Remember, there is a different barcode label for every service or service option you choose. Contact your FedEx account executive for more information. If no service is marked, we will send your shipment via FedEx International Priority® (if you're shipping packages) or FedEx International Priority® Freight (if you're shipping freight). FedEx Express: A Commercial Invoice typically is required when you ship nondocument commodities. You must submit one signed original and two copies. The shipper or agent may enter the appropriate harmonized commodity description and coding system number and, if applicable, the country of origin of the goods.\. 3American Samoa, Baker Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Howland Islands, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingmen Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll and Wake Island. Declared Value for Carriage/Declared Value for Customs If your small business or e-commerce company sells items on multiple online channels, Integration Manager can help you consolidate and streamline. Indicate the FedEx Express packaging you are using, or mark "other" if you are using your own packaging. For FedEx Freight Bill of Lading forms and instructions, click here. 4. This includes recipient name, address and phone number. Airport of Destination Sender Information If the recipient or third party fails to pay shipping charges, duties and taxes, the sender is responsible for payment. Enter your shipping information. A filing fee and certain limitations apply. You can create labels either using our portfolio of electronic shipping tools or manually. A blanket NAFTA Certificate of Origin is valid for up to 12 months and should be provided to the importer, importer’s broker or both. By law, EEI filing records must be retained for five years from the date of export. 1Go to for comprehensive EEI information. If you process FedEx Home Delivery packages from your location, you must transmit an electronic manifest that contains all of your package information directly to FedEx Ground via FedEx Ship Manager® at or another electronic shipping solution.

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