20 Oct

the judge blood meridian

It is the kid who is the key to the entire story. He has traveled farther than most men who lived at his time. In fact, the judge accuses The Kid of being a witness against himself and sitting in judgment of his own deeds.

Like you get the whole thing wrong from the start, and you see everything that happens after that in a twisted light, so all your conclutions are twisted an uninteresting too. But, yeah, it kinda works. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. Further, there were other educated men in Glanton’s gang. And poorly educated. He recognized satan and called it out: qualifications of a prophetic truth sayer (e.g., Nathan’s “…you’re the man” to King David). I don’t recall the kid ever killing someone who wasn’t actively trying to kill him.

Think of how the kid (secretly – he hides it even from us, the reader) maintains some sense of humanity deep within him, even with all the murders he has committed.
For example, Elrod is particularly angered by the string of ears worn by the kid/man. That’s why the judge tried to sway him, as an act of ultimate horror: because of all the ragtag mercenaries, scalphunters and killers he was the only one who still had mercy inside of him. It was the innocence backed by morals that he had issues with the most. I love debate and conversation. You just defined the box as being the book yourself, so that kind of contradicts your stance on making stuff up. But then I realised The Judge is quite different because he doesn’t really act according to a codex of principles but rather out of lust and passion; traits of man. ( Log Out / 
Now they’re as good as one. Great wrap-up “review.” I enjoyed the different thoughts, exposures and synthesis of most everyone involved. James Franco directed and completed a movie based on the book. The book eludes neatness, the book resists that kind of “this means this, and that means that” pie-chart of symbolism. There’s nothing to admire. This person is unable to express him/herself like a normal person. My God. Mainly for all the reasons you stated about the judge and our need for him to be a harbinger of clarity or truth or meaning.

Does the judge know of evolution? All of your descriptions of his writing resonate with me. That’s what I mean when I say it is my own response that most interests me at this moment. I really, REALLY love this thread. And this is not an act that macho men can acknowledge? The box is the novel, the text. Thank you for keeping this thread up, it’s very helpful. That’s the way of things with him, and his life is so balked about by difficulty and become so altered of its intended architecture that he is little more than a walking hovel hardly fit to house the human spirit at all. In fact, I did a search for “Blood Meredian” and “Fight Club” to find your posting. I think he always had an infant’s greedy solipsism, coupled to a vast intellect. I could be way off but I’d like to reread it and see if it works. Perhaps his first actual victim? Anything that exists without his knowledge exists without his consent.

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