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the count of monte cristo musical 2020

Instead of becoming upset, Morrell commends Dantès and promotes him to captain. As Dantès prepares to kill Albert, Valentine jumps between them and implores that Albert be spared, declaring her love for him. Der Graf von Monte Christo ist ein Musical von Frank Wildhorn (Melodien), Koen Schoots (Arrangements), Kim Scharnberg (Orchestration) und Jack Murphy (Texte). However, Dantès simply shoots into the air, sparing his opponent's life. Dantès pays the pirates for their service and they disperse. Faria requests Dantès' help in digging the tunnel and in return offers Dantès, who is illiterate, a proper education. ("The Trap / Too Much Is Never Enough"). In November 2017, the musical was brought to St. Petersburg's Musical Comedy Theatre in Russia, getting a brand new premiere: from the original German performance, some plot choices were changed and variations added. When they leave to get a chart to wheel the body out, Dantès switches places with the corpse. However, Dantès still has not forgiven Mercédès for marrying Mondego and refuses, stating, "Pity is for the weak." After much interrogation Villefort is convinced that Dantès is innocent and prepares to set him free. What she only desires now is to get rid of all those lies and discover the world for what it really is in its fullness, both in good and bad, without stopping only at its side of wonders and beauty ("Pretty Lies"). They share a dream they know will never come to pass: both of them free and surrounded by riches. single tickets go on sale in 2021. On April 21, 2010, the first licensed international production of the show premiered in Universal Arts Center, Seoul, Korea, and closed on June 13. Faria asks that Dantès forgive and forget, but Dantès can't bring himself to do so; he wants revenge. Remembering how Dantès worked for the Morrell Shipping Company, Mondego deduces the Count of Monte Cristo's true identity. When Morrell asks what has become of the captain, Danglars, the first mate of the ship, reveals that the captain is dead and Dantès disobeyed orders by bringing him to Elba. Now that Dantès has been made captain he does not have to wait to marry Mercédès and the two revel in the news ("When Love is True"). Once on the island, Dantès finds Spada's treasure and reinvents himself as the wealthy Count of Monte Cristo ("The Treasure / When We Are Kings - Reprise"). Once left alone, Mercédès muses on her unhappy marriage ("When the World was Mine"). Due to his training with Faria, Dantès easily defeats his opponent, but refuses to kill him. All the upper class of France attend Dantès' ball and gossip about their mysterious host ("That's What They Say"). Dantès is there as well, pretending to have been captured also. März 2009 in der Schweiz am Theater St. Gallen unter der Regie von Andreas Gergen in deutscher Sprache uraufgeführt. Mondego introduces Mercédès, who instantly recognizes her former love. When Dantès demands to know of Mercédès, Jacopo tells him of her marriage to Mondego and of their son, Albert. Dantès is picked up by a pirate ship, captained by the smuggler Luisa Vampa. Bulgaria Shows; Hollywood Show; Gallery; About. Years pass and Dantès remains locked away, slowly losing all hope of returning home. The duel between Dantès and Albert commences and the two draw pistols. He is lured away from the festivities by a beautiful young woman, and captured by bandits. Money in hand, Dantès transforms himself into the powerful and mysterious Count of Monte Cristo and embarks upon a quest to avenge those who stole the heart of his beloved bride, Mercedes, and conspired to destroy him. In the process, the man who was once imprisoned discovers the only true path to freedom comes by embracing love, mercy, and forgiveness. The two men quickly form a friendship and share the stories of their lives before their imprisonment. Touched by the love Valentine showed for Albert, Dantès begins an internal search for his former self and sheds away all of the pain he suffered over the years, believing he has, at last, found peace ("The Man I Used To Be"). When Albert tells him he was captured due to a woman, the two men talk of the power women hold over men ("Ah, Women"). Villefort is horrified when Dantès, unwittingly, reveals the recipient as Villefort's father. The guards return and, not noticing the difference, throw Dantès into the sea. Realizing she would never betray Dantès knowing he is alive, he tells her that Dantès was killed in an accident ("Every Day a Little Death"). The old man introduces himself as Abbé Faria and explains that he had been tunneling his way to freedom, but accidentally chose the wrong direction and ended up in Dantès' cell. Dantès' friends refuse to give him up, but Dantès agrees to go willingly, believing it is simply a mistake and he will be returned home. When the prison guards discover Faria has died they put him in a body bag. The Story; The Château d’If; The Characters; The Historic Events; Productions. If you have a priority promo code, you can click here. Based on Alexandre Dumas' epic masterpiece, the award-winning Best Musical, The Count of Monte Cristo is a story about fate, power, and one man’s quest for vengeance. One day, Dantès is awoken by strange noises. [1] After the workshop, concept recording was released on December 12, 2008. 2021 Season packages go on sale to the general public november 11. The production later returned in 2011 and 2013, with minor changes in the plot and songs. Don’t miss this exciting adventure as only Tuacahn can do it! Home; Story. The men do so, and profit substantially as a result. Highlights from the Musical concept album. THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO . Dantès introduces himself as the Count of Monte Cristo, and invites Albert, and his parents, to a ball he will be holding at the extravagant mansion he bought after arrived in Paris. Mercédès has been in a loveless marriage with Mondego for many years, and the two of them have a son named Albert, who has just turned eighteen. "The Drama Unfolds" - The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical Dantès reunites with Mercédès at his mansion and forgives her after knowing the truth behind Mercédès' decision of marrying another due to Mondego's lie that claimed him dead in prison. Faria reveals he was once a priest and academic who served the immensely wealthy Count Chésele Spada, and was granted knowledge of where the Count had hidden away his fortune: on the remote island of Monte Cristo. An old man suddenly breaks through the stone and raises through the floor of Dantès' cell. This page was last edited on 15 May 2020, at 14:29. Dantès arrives and dazzles all present with his charm and seemingly endless wealth. The English-language U.S. premiere was performed at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, United States. Vampa forces Dantès to knife fight with Jacopo, a member of the crew. The show ran from January 22–31, 2015. Jacopo presents at first the baron and the baroness Danglars, who immediately trying to entertain financial agreements with the new rich nobleman, and after the chief prosecutor Villefort with his wife, while Albert presents his fiancée Valentine and his father, Mondego. The music is written by Frank Wildhorn and the lyrics and book are by Jack Murphy. The show premiered (in German as Der Graf von Monte Christo) on March 14, 2009, in the Theater St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Dantès agrees and the two prisoners begin digging, in the right direction, while Faria teaches Dantès mathematics, philosophy, military strategy, literature, economics, and hand-to-hand combat. Together again, the two lovers embrace and renew their vow never to leave each other ("Finale: I Will Be There - Reprise"). Albert thanks his "savior" and asks who he is. Out of defense, the Count is forced to mortally wound Mondego and finally put an end on their duel. Danglars becomes furious and plots revenge on Dantès. Before Dantès leaves, he asks Mondego to take care of Mercédès until he returns. © 2020 The Count of Monte Cristo Musical. Mercédès is left to reflect on her wasted life and blame herself for being so blind and for having given up to wait for Edmond during those long years, but still she didn't give up on the dream of being together once more under the light of the star that would always guide them to one another ("All This Time"). If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Music ; Creators; Videos; Marketing; News; Contact; No menu assigned! Premiere Today! - Mondego and Mercédès, Everyday a Little Death - Dantès, Mercédès, and Mondego, When We are Kings - Abbé Faria and Dantès, Pirates (Truth or Dare) - Luisa Vampa, Pirates, and Dantès, The Treasure (When We are Kings [Reprise]) - Dantès, Carnival In Rome / Tarantella (Reprise) - Ensemble, Ah, Women - Dantès/Monte Cristo and Albert, I Know Those Eyes / This Man is Dead - Dantès/Monte Cristo and Mercédès, The Trap / Too Much Is Never Enough - Dantès/Monte Cristo, Mondego, Danglars, Villefort, The Man I Used to Be - Dantès/Monte Cristo, Hell To Your Doorstep (Reprise) - Mondego and Dantès, Finale: I Will Be There (Reprise) - Dantès and Mercédès, When Love is True - Thomas Borchert and Brandi Burkhardt, A Story Told - Patrick Stanke, Mathias Edenborn, and Mark Seibert, Everyday a Little Death - Borchert, Burkhardt, and Stanke, When We are Kings - Borchert and Alexander Goebel, I Know Those Eyes / This Man is Dead - Borchert and Burkhardt, 2008 Original Concept Cast Recording (Highlights), 2009 Original St. Gallen Cast Recording (Highlights), 2010 Original Korean Cast Recording (Highlights with Alternate Cast versions on "I Will Be There" and "Hell To Your Doorstep"). Albert is celebrating Carnival with his friends in Rome ("Carnival In Rome / Tarantella - Reprise"). The tunnel suddenly collapses, mortally wounding Faria. Suddenly, the party is interrupted by Gendarmes who place Dantès under arrest for being a Bonapartist. Danglars and Mondego are revealed to be responsible for alerting Villefort and having Dantès arrested. None of the men recognize the Count of Monte Cristo as Dantès. Dantès is branded and thrown into his prison cell. Faria promises to share the treasure with Dantès in return for his assistance. Stanke/Mondego is uncredited on the album. The duel ends and the young lovers run off. At the brink of despair after many hopeless years of confinement, his fortunes change when a fellow prisoner helps him escape and bequeaths a substantial fortune on him. Valentine is pulled away, leaving Albert open once again. Danglars commits suicide and Villefort is sent to prison; Mondego, the last of the traitors, reads the name Llerrom backwards and sees that it spells "Morrell" in reverse. "Tale of Two Cities' Barbour and Burkhardt Cast in Monte Cristo Workshop", Borchert to Star in World Premiere of Wildhorn's Count of Monte Cristo", "Frank Wildhorn's Count of Monte Cristo Musical Getting U.S. When the bandits return, Dantès breaks free of his bonds and fights them while Albert hides. The production was directed by Andreas Gergen, with Thomas Borchert starring as The Count. Jacopo divulges that Danglars has become a Baron, who bought out Morrell's company, and Villefort has become chief prosecutor in Paris; but he is reluctant to speak of Mondego or Mercédès. ("Hell To Your Doorstep - Reprise"). Mercédès tries to talk her son out of it, but Albert refuses to relent. Music by Frank WildhornBook and Lyrics by Jack MurphyBased on the novel by Alexandre DumasFrom the Tony Award-nominated composer of The Scarlet Pimpernel and Jekyll & Hyde comes this swashbuckling musical adventure of vengeance, mercy, and the redemptive power of love.Falsely accused of colluding with the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte in 19th century France, newlywed seaman Edmond Dantès suddenly finds himself thrown into a Mediterranean island prison without a trial.

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