20 Oct

russell's viper

“Snakes operate a good deal by smell, and if one head catches the scent of prey on the other's head, it will attack and try to swallow the second head,” National Geographic explained, adding two-head snakes develop similarly to Siamese twins, when an embryo does not properly split into two.

Russell’s Viper does not move and does not stand out until the victim is very close and at that point biting is …

The rare genetic abnormality can hinder the snake’s ability to catch prey.

In Bengali, this snake is called Chandroborha since it carries lenticular or more precisely lunar marks all over its body.

Russel’s Viper lives mainly in the plains and hills of Southeast Asia but can also be found in small but not too thick woods.

Check out what's clicking on Foxnews.com. The other reason for such a high mortality is the fact that farmers are used to move barefoot or with minimal footwear and this means that an attack almost always hits. It is found in throughout Indian Subcontinent and some parts of South East Asia. Russell's viper is a venomous snake found in Asia. (Credit: SWNS), FIRST EVIDENCE THAT ANCIENT HUMANS ATE SNAKES AND LIZARDS IS UNEARTHED IN ISRAEL. If not treated, the victim’s kidneys may fail. Two-headed snakes are rare and typically do not survive for long in the wild, according to National Geographic. or redistributed.

Russell’s Viper does not move and does not stand out until the victim is very close and at that point biting is an instinctive reaction.

Named after a Scottish Herpetologist.

Source: enacademic.com, Image: Wikimedia, The snake is found in mainly Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka) and some nations of South-East Asia.

He studied the snakes of India and is often considered the Father of Indian Ophiology.

Russell’s Viper Behavior: Russell’s viper’s behavior is marked by marked laziness, and this is one of the two main reasons why it causes many victims every year in Asia. However, once, a female produced a litter of as many as 75 snakelets in India. According to reports, a local resident Dimple Shah called the local snake rescuers after spotting Russel's Viper outside her building, Rutu Riverside Estate on Gandhare Road. Fox News' Madeline Farber contributed to this story.

The Behaviour changes according to seasons, During the summer, These snakes are nocturnal; remain active at nights.

All market data delayed 20 minutes. Follow Chris Ciaccia on Twitter @Chris_Ciaccia, Fox News Flash top headlines for August 10. On average, the snake can yield 45 mg venom in a single bite.

The current risk for the current population of Russell’s vipers is considered low, but certainly the greater human anthropization of the territories over time increases the risks for this important species of snakes.

Source: softschools.com, Image: Flickr, 6.

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