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greenhouse academy fanfiction jackie and max

Share. I said. #jackiesanders Once she had fully comprehended her new situation, she sold the house she had bought as a newlywed to pay the bills and moved back into her childhood home. They dated for about a year before he decided to pop the question and she immediately said yes. I can't keep hiding behind my books. He doesn't look up when she approaches him and she curls up across from him, her feet in his lap, the blanket covering their legs. She's pulled onto a lap, and her are tears kissed away. Are you feeling ok? Thank you for your request and I would love to do more requests from you. His oldest sister Rosanna grumbles but his little sister Paige asks shyly if she can ask a girl to be her date. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Ryan pressed her face closer, trying to get a good look at the others. He felt this magnetic pull towards her like the moon to the earth. It's number 2, he hates snakes," I said. Swimming I like him and there has always been something there and if I lose him, I lose one of my oldest friends but it would be worth it. #preferences I have the idea and everything but the words seem to be stuck in my head. 18. "I can't wait to come," Ryan reassured her. He hates snakes, we saw one once and he freaked out, it was quite funny. #jackie #romance "Max if you don't tell me now I'll call Leo on my Louie and make you! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Basically, if you're abandoned or an orphan, the government will do their best to try and help you find your soulmate because once you do, you're no longer their problem; instead, you become your soulmate's responsibility. She finds Max in the library because where else would the Ravenclaw be? As his warmth surrounds her, she squeezes his hands, firmly telling him she's fine, because she is. ", Hayley chuckled. "Saw your boyfriend watching you in the stands. Everyone watched as they said their vows and promised to be each other's for life, with the hope that they would overcome the odds and neither would be left heartbroken in the end. He knows from past experience that Jackie likes to take long showers after quidditch games. Why He Knows How To Bake She had seen the chemistry between the two. Emma sits next to him and squeezes his hand as the game begins. Porter grins and holds a hand out. Now let's get to the actual lesson," Lindsay said. One hand in her hair another on her waist. His roommates eyeing them from their beds, where they are pretending to read books. I hung around with Leo, Brooke and Alex for most of the day, we had all become pretty close recently. Things had been rocky when they first met but it looked like they had managed to get past that. Greenhouse Academy Crazedfanatic. He has his nose buried in a book and she is bobbing her head to her music. Share via Email Report Story Send. ", "Aren't you scared of giving him a chance? Lead by big and strong Porter, who despite his appearance is a sweetheart, the Hufflepuffs hold their ground. She whispers as they lock gazes. Before she had left she kissed his cheek and told him to write before she left with her mother, who had come to pick up her transcript. #maxmiller He even rejects Emma in the last episode of Season 2 because he it dawns on him that he likes Jackie. Share … "Kyle." "Relax Mum," Hayley laughed. He looks for Hayley and spots her under a sign cheering Jackie on. He isn't right for her.'. Who are those people behind you, sweetie?" She had been rushed to St. Mungles and eventually died. ", "I'll be right there, Judy," Ryan nodded at her before turning back to Hayley and the others. She throws her arms around him and he hugs her back. Not to mention all the relationship drama with Jackie, Max and Emma. She knows she could easily have told him in person but she is too tired to hold a conversation. Jackie sighed, her hand pulling her hair tie off, letting her blonde her fall lose. #danger "Relax Mum," Hayley laughed. ". I may not like the idea but he did choose a good man. "Tell you what Porter, you win, I'll let you be my date to the summer ball. There, they were met with many questioning gazes, everyone staring at the brightly coloured marks emblazoned on their arms. Hey everyone, sorry for being MIA for a few weeks. You Can Tell Me Anything I smiled. As with everything, she believed his every word because that's how deep in love she was with him. Then what would be the point of it? Max tells them to be careful and Hayley laughs but Alex looks at him in the eyes and nods. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. #daniel Ironically, she actually feels right as rain. She's his best friend, gorgeous and brave and he's just Max. This year I'm hoping for a peaceful year, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Neither of them noticed it however, as he stared at her with such intensity and he was lost in her endless brown eyes. 9. "Lindsay," he said. "What am I going to do with you Maximilian Miller?" It still is broken in some places, and scar tissue is everywhere, but after meeting Max, she found that her heart has started to heal once again. I hope you guys enjoy this and don't forget to send in your prompts. Her Cold Hands in His Warm Ones The Greenhouse. "The way they slither... eurgh, I hate even thinking about them," he said. #sport She walks away from him and he watches his sister smile as Porter fixes the yellow scarf around her neck. "You silly, stupid boy. I do really need ideas for more one-shots though so please please please send in your requests. "We've found a new Ravens teacher! And this has been an AngelFanfics productions. She chases after him a few times, until Leo blew his whistle, calling the end of practice. Tensions are high on game day. Work Search: #leocruz "Alright, hope you all enjoyed that, I'm glad I've got to know you. The dare isn't embarrassing but Max smiles. As for your question about who I picture as Brooke when I write Brex or stories with Brooke, it really depends on the situation. Cross posted on FanFiction.Net and Wattpad. Jackie's Return "The tragedy of life is not death ... but what we let die inside of us while we still live" Work Search: It's a reminder that there will be a ball come spring and that they have been given permission to leave Hogwarts for a fitting. I was actually on a tv series, Mayhem Masion," "Omg, I remember you! Who are those people behind you, sweetie?" 19. The arguing couple moves closer to him and Max grins as Roseanna's next words reach him, by now everyone is watching and listening. ", Daniel can only shake his head, not knowing what else to say, except... "You're still cold though. Can I Have This Dance? He used to think science was his world. 13. 'They're too young.' For Her Mom She sees Max's sister and watches Porter blow her a kiss. Turns out she was a pretty good teacher, I managed to learn quite a bit. They are all reasons why she fell for him. Jackie laughed as Kyle tugged on her ponytail and shoot up after him on her broom. Emma Geller/Max Miller (Greenhouse Academy) Max Miller & Jackie Sanders; Characters: Daniel Hayward; Hayley Woods; Leo Cruz (Greenhouse Academy) Brooke Osmond; Alex Woods (Greenhouse Academy) Sophie Cardona; Parker Grant; Emma Geller (Greenhouse Academy) Max Miller (Greenhouse Academy) Jackie Sanders; Jason Osmond; Suzanne; Additional Tags: Boarding … By the times she comes out the stands are empty and she decided to sit in the middle of the field her broom resting on her lap. They in turn say nothing, keeping quiet as they get their food. Language: English Words: 49,213 Chapters: 23/? #alex The teacher ignored her. #max At the last few words, she hugs him tighter, content and grateful to have his arms around her, and to be able to be with him. Turning around to face him, she gives him a watery smile before pressing her lips onto his, apologising to him in the only way she knew he would take to heart. And as for dad, I have to eventually take over the family business and I want to do that with someone I love, not with some rich boy. And as the words disappear with the breeze, tingly sensations erupt on their skin, small ripples edge towards their marks. ", "And a rose." Hogwarts has advanced placement classes, which is why Jackie is in the same potions class as Hayley and Brooke is in the same Runes class as Leo. So he reassures her, reminding her that he will always be there for her, that she can tell him anything. Comfort I asked. Share via Email Report Story Send. Games Movies TV Video. Time became a foreign concept and she barely registered that any had passed until she felt two gentle arms wrapping themselves around her in a warm embrace. 18. As they kiss, Max thinks about his cousin who died from falling off the broom. Her Spot Hayley is surprised to see her and Brooke and Alex are quiet but cordial. She thinks about the fact she had never seen him ride a broom or how he is never at quidditch game, despite attending her practice on occasion, when she begs him to come watch her. He and Emma broke up a while back.

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