20 Oct

eugene weekly horoscope

The teachings of a Guru reveal It not. Moving into the heart of the week, Thursday September 22nd, Friday September 23rd, and Saturday September 24th will be a three day block of planetary confluence and upheaval. The endless process of action is perpetuated by the planets, as agents of karma, and not only is individual destiny bound to their grasp, but the expression or faculty of individuality itself “emerges from” their respective spheres. What could go wrong? The Moon’s light will be waning, however, as we head away from the previous week’s blinding glow in the celestial sphere. The high degree of Paramatmāńś (identification with the infinite, universal self) from the planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu – facilitated the incarnation of the Avatars. Further still, this unborn consciousness will live on, continuing even without name or form, through a continual cycle of universal creation and destruction – through innumerable Big Bangs and universal entropies. I will be looking at your personal birth chart, your regular Sun Sign astrology forecast and our radically different new world, at The Conscious Cafe on Monday, November 23, , 2020 at 11:00 am in London, so please join me with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) to find out what’s in store, Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Your Moon Sign, Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Sun Signs – Part 2, Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Understanding Sun Signs – Part 1, 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide (Kindle), Your Weekly Horoscope: 19-25 October 2020, Your Weekly Horoscopes October 19th to 25th. The consequences of your constant pursuit to get to the bottom of any matter are sometimes innocuous or unseen. The hidden potential of this week remains to be seen, and its fate is placed squarely in your hands – where the planets will determine the amount and quality of the energy that you can channel, the direction that it takes will be dictated by your will alone. For as Mars, the lord of your sign, wanders through Aries, the strength of this transit and the conjunction with the other three planets there will exasperate your natural tendency for destruction – or rather, plunging the depths of the real.

On both Tuesday September 20th and Wednesday September 21st we see the Moon transiting through Gemini, Mercury’s duplicitous and airy sign. Connie Mueller creates painstakingly detailed linoleum block prints, employing a finicky … Continue reading →, Since our phone call is scheduled bright and early, Seattle indie singer-songwriter Damien Jurado seems to be a morning person. Again we see four planets transiting through a single sign – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all in the earth sign Virgo. Seek out new ideas and people, and there will be much to learn the next few weeks, as these three planets flourish in space of Leo. Whereas Capricorn embodies the solid, rigid, and earthy aspect of Saturn, Aquarius holds the contemplative, atmospheric, and encompassing qualities of the same. Search. Be aware, however, of the Moon’s transit into Sagittarius on Thursday and Friday, as the Moon will then be conjunct with its eternal enemy, the north node, Rahu. With its by now well noted conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries, the fiery depths found there will reveal themselves in a balanced harmony of dual forms in your experience – tempered pleasure, well thought out adventures, and just the right amount of hardship. Approach these days with a light and creative gait, and you will be rewarded. Your sign shines bright, and you will notice that you exert a strong pull on the world around you – people and resources will come your way with ease, and it will seem like you are the center of all. Move slowly, cautious and wise, about the world this week. I will be looking at your personal birth chart, your regular Sun Sign astrology forecast and our radically different new world, at The Conscious Cafe on Monday, November 23 rd, 2020 at 11:00 am in London, so please join me with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) to find out what’s in store here. Identification of consciousness with the limited, mortal body is integral to the process of karma and the field of action that we engage with. Humans enjoy only a limited portion of the total power of the planets, however, and this power is variable to a great degree. Tread lightly, still, as the sensitivity of the new Moon will be fully present.

Otherwise it is only fingers pointing at fingers pointing at the Moon. I have never been one to have dreams about being naked in front of a crowd — I … Continue reading →, Our park, your park, Civic Park is open! You stand, at times, alone in your fiery and regal sphere. Wherein the creative duo of Mercury, the planet of communication between any two entities, and Venus, the bright morning star, moved into your sign, imbuing the fires of Aries with a brighter and more attractive gleam. It is all purity, in Itself, by Itself. To come to this realization, and then act on it within the world, brings real change.

We will never sell or share your personal information and you can opt out by clicking an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email. And it is in this sense that our instinct and intuition and thought and action relate to the planets. Look not to avoid, as you are wont to do, but rather transcend these obstacles, not by a going beyond, but a going within. That all things follow a natural order is not the basis for a theological argument, but rather is used as an empirical and ontological assumption about reality, the field we find ourselves in. The paths will lead parallel, and so choosing one will be your main goal this week. Find me on Twitter @jessicacadams for updates and a conversation about Astrology. Sagittarius – The shadowy north node – Rahu – is of course stationed in your sign. The full Moon always gives your aura a radiant gleam, emanating from within, and the natural and tender beauty that you embody is fully realized on these nights. Your body will know the Moon in all its intimate ways, as it gladly narrates its secrets and poetry and fears to you.

Chaos of a high and deep order can descend on you after the bright glow of the full Moon earlier in the week.

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