20 Oct

bornean orangutan

What is clear is that at this current rate, many more populations are going to follow this path of oblivion in the near future. Your email address will not be published. The orangutan has long arms and short legs. Leopard, and man through poaching and logging. Males may sometimes become nomadic and leave their native territory.

Fingers and toes show strongly curved nails. Maybe the extinction of a species like the orangutan will not have a dramatic impact on forest ecosystem health, but this will definitely show that the entire system is increasingly degraded and is suffering. Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) are currently found on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo and generally inhabits swampy and hilly tropical rainforests. Archeological deposits are packed with countless orangutan remains throughout SE Asia, showing that hunting of orangutans has been widespread for the past 30,000 years at least. The more species disappear, the more difficult will be for us, the human species, to survive in an increasingly dysfunctional world.

Arms and Feet: Arms are very long reaching up to 2 meters. Mating, as with any primate, is a dominance ritual with the Bornean orangutan, where the “flanged” males who are older, but still in their prime, receive the best mating partners. Orangutans, the world’s largest tree-dwelling mammals in the world, are found on only two islands in the world – Borneo and Sumatra. In the wild, Bornean orangutans have been observed doing amazing things with tools that we had priorly attributed only to humans. In the wild, a Bornean orangutan will live for about thirty five years without the predatory factor, while in captivity the orangutan can live up to sixty years. However a fine spatial analysis reveals that this deforestation will take place in less than half of the orang-utan range [8]. Size: The head-body length of the male is 97 cm; for the female it is 78. While not necessarily nomadic in nature, the orangutan can cover a lot of ground, or tree if you will, in one day searching for fruits. The orangutans are Critically Endangered. Feet are hook-like with a reduced big toe similar to hands. Mother Earth doesn’t need Humanity to save it, but Humankind needs Mother Earth to survive. Healthy forests in turn fix carbon and release oxygen in the atmosphere; they are the lungs for the entire planet.

Bornean orangutan populations have declined by more than 50% over the past 60 years, and the species' habitat has been reduced by at least 55% over the past 20 years. Of all of the primates’ diets, the Bornean orangutans is one of the most diverse, including over four hundred species of plants and animals in total.

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