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ancient civilizations

We speek advansed sanskrit as we changed alfabet around 4000 years a go, we evolved. The Maya people did not disappear completely however; their descendants still live in parts of Central America. Though only in power for a little over 200 years, the Persians conquered lands that covered over two million square miles.

And how can you substantiate your claim that the first human was called ADAMU? The creation of this earth through science and hindu matches. May be they all hated societies and continued bagpacking throughout their lives until someone sacrificed them for ‘religious purpose’. Till now Billion of lives came and departed and more to come and depart. I think there have been many different homid like species on this planet over millions of years. The olmecs were the first advanced civilizations in the americas and they have African origins! I believe that I’ve not hurt anyone. It is ancient country kangleipak in between eastern tract of India and western tract of Burma presently Myanmar. Mesopotamia is generally credited as being the first place where civilized society truly began to take shape.

No question that the Australian aborigines are the oldest surviving culture (not sure about the San) but were they a civilisation? What follows is the version of Charles Redman, an American archaeologist: Today it is acknowledged that these criteria can be problematic for a number of reasons, mainly because the archaeological criteria used to define a civilization are not always clear-cut: reality is indifferent to our intellectual distinctions. Well, if so either Arun… you got to fire your English teacher or your keyboard is fried! What surprises me the most is, our underlying assumption that the ancient people were like monkeys or some stupid looking hairy hominids! So we should not think that we are so much more intelligent than people at other times or consider ourselves so much more advanced. Very poor ethics to inherit credits for something you personally didn’t do ! In my opinion you can barely call it ancient. Yeah well the oldest knoqn library was in ninveh asssyria it contained elbrate explaines on farming astrolgy medicine divorce courts roads sewers cleaning everything used today architecture storys far older then it own dateing u guys are trippin, Yeah the oldest known library is found in ninveh contianing the secrets of the world and ur talkin lile that no body knows how far aumerians actaully date its always a guess. The 10 oldest civilizations (that I can recall) are thus: 1.

Civilization is a large group of people that has its own system and organization with law, society, architecture, art and others; while Empire is a tyrannical and authoritarian governing place and people that depends on its military might and structure, containing its defensive and offensive security forces. If you actually do some research you will see the presence of africans around the globe.

It can’t be changed.. We all die..

THEY OCCUPY their lands, right? That was an Illyrian-Pellasgian civilization, predecessors of modern day Albanians. Its stupid. People need to stop making things up. Why do we need to know that? The rulers, kings and legends were dead as so as we… Actual truth is no one knows.. so stop questioning and quarreling. Not some human like tribes that existed. We don’t know… what we don’t know‼️. and first winery (6100 y.o.) But that did not stop the Church from persecuting :-. ;). Ok… So what about the Cucuteni-Tripolie Culture that dates 5200-3500 BC. I was in the process of writing a paper on ancient irrigation systems of Sri Lanka and accidentally came across your work. If a flood happened like the Bible says, then they are even much older than the calendar date. Dispelling many myths as we move along. But who speek sanskrit- cant understand much from our nowday language, as we set up much rools for corecting gramer. Thank you for the brilliant, civil and fascinating comments from everyone.

Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Pakistan came into existence 68 yrs ago (u knew that) and Islam 1300 yrs ago (as I have read). Plus i got some problems with this list. go and read more. Dear Adikari, Its interesting. It’s hard to dispute Africans contribution toward mankind!

I think you have misunderstood the article.

In some parts of the world the climate and/or customs helped preserve the remains of human activity better than at other climates and their conditions. Human civilization has come a long way from an age when there were no defined means of communication and hunting was the primary source of food. If still there is a one or more been hurt, for them here is my sincere apologies. Is it by cursing, insulting, degrading, abusing, or defaming one another? Aratta is so old that it’s even considered old and even mythological to the Sumerians. Whatever it, he, she, it is it is indistinguishable. Only the facts matter! If we look closely we will find such existence in all parts of the world. I believe whatever might be the number of religions that exist but all the religions preach us to live a harmonious life and to keep peace within us. First static place was a future”culture”, first hole builded/habitated on eart was a civilization for that time !!! One of those who initially spent many years there conducting research was an engineer and at least one other was an astronomer. This is a joke!

Civilization Name: Aztec civilization Period: 1345 AD–1521 AD Original Location: Southcentral region of pre-Columbian Mexico Current Location: Mexico Major Highlights: Nahuatl became the major language. Dwaraka City & Civilization @ Dwapar Yug : Earth existed for millions of years prior to Dwaraka Civilizations & the city itself . that is true it is by archaeology and radiometric and carbon dating the 2nd oldest known civilization in the modern world. All those great cities and civilizations! Who knows how many layers of the lost and unknown are below our feet ? The Sphinx Is actually 4500 years old. City is an evidence for existence of civilisation.. And what about Danube river valley civilization? Dwaraka City : Birthplace of God KRiSHNA @ Dwapar Yug of Copper Age of Cyclic Eastern Philosophy or Hindusim Dharma @ Concept .

Interesting to know other comments. ROME did not end in 465. “He” or “It”, we don’t know does not watch, or guide us.

I was preparing some lessons for the general intellectual formation and needed something about civilisation and its ranking. Gobekli Tepe isn’t a civilization, it’s a religious gathering place. All the empires which ever existed collapsed, and collapsed without grace. Maybe their origins- but not their civilization. Not to mention cities in Iran, Israel, Armenia and Yemen. They are the oldest surviving culture, relatively unchanged up until couple hundred years ago. \\//, What about keeladi its 300 bc there’s a whole town over there building’s with proper drainage system.

Matter a fact, quite the opposite happened. Rosetta Stoneby Trustees of the British Museum (Copyright). I don’t care if you or anybody will consider it right not because fact remains a fact. We always venerate beings who help us and dominate us, the gods from Outer Space. But we all know fact can never be hide. There are many far older civilizations than the Aztecs, Inca and Roman empires. No, they were killing each other just like the Europeans were! Great people have come into this world and spoke of Peace…and have been killed for it. Also other various other civilizations scattered throughout history. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The rise of the Aztecs was within a century of the fall of another influential civilization in Mexico and Central America – the Mayans. This is a serious ommision of the most ancient civilisation . Mouth watering well spoken they can all say they are this and that Africa is original and its where their ancestors came from and civilisation. There is a pretty astonishing Aboriginal ‘cathedral’ carved out of stone over the millennia and decorated with rock art, but I put this more of a par with the decorated cathedral caves of ice age France. Breeding programs and such. In 2012 of these counts ended and a new one started. Science just has not found any evidence “yet!” You don’t have to be offended, or hate science for this. A famous one is reported by Herodotus, who describes the conflicting funerary practices of a group of Greeks, who cremated their dead, and the Indians known as the Kallatiai, who ate their dead: During his reign, Darius summoned the Hellenes at his court and asked them how much money they would accept for eating the bodies of their dead fathers. The very information I put could be outdated or invalidated in the near future. By 80,000 years ago they have spread to most regions in the Planet except for colder regions of Antartica and Artic and the desert region. Mixing with Neanderthals (1-4% found in Eurasian), and with a colder climate, not as much melanin was needed. Aboriginal society punches above its weight in attracting the worlds attention. The history of ancient Egypt can be divided into a series of stable kingdoms separated by periods of relative instability known as intermediate periods: The Old Kingdom of the Early Bronze Age, the Middle Kingdom of the Middle Bronze Age and the New Kingdom of the Late Bronze Age. Also, the Persians didn’t control any of Europe, much less most of it. Agreed. But you guys don’t like to talk about African civilizations and wisdoms.

That is right. The first human was a “black head” and called ADAMU (the earthling) to be exact. All these performances were an example of the age of the Sangam period, which stretch as much lengthy in the Tamil literature! Certainly, they would have been civilized for 1000 or more years before they invented written language.

And I mean it – CIVILIZATION.

In this series, we have gathered the brightest of luminaries who have dedicated their lives to unlocking these ancient secrets by poring through arcane texts, studying prehistoric artifacts, and exploring deep within ancestral sites. This list is for people who think they are the only civilized people, Dwaraka was part of sindhu-saraswati civilisation.Indian civilisation started in 5000 BC as per latest estimation.India is the first civilised country in the world.Unfortunately present India is highly uncivilised.Dwaraka is not 32,000 years old. Mind you, who knows how long after their existance, that the calendar even appeared. Amazing ! were discovered in the caves of Armenian highlands. If the legendary Yellow Emperor is taken into account, then Chinese civilisation is 4720y.o. Nothing of this sort happened overnight but over thousands of years. Agriculture/buildings etc evidence does not initiate the civilization period, but only with consistency and extensive, accumulative evidence. The first human existed probably around 200,000 YA. yay! Yeah, early literature aboyt trading activities, coinage, mega temples (one of which still exist) well planned roads, buildings etc doesnt count. Mr. Rajesh RR when did the Internet and Google came to an Existance? This definition, however, is unclear, subjective, and it carries with it assumptions no longer accepted by modern scholarship on how human societies have changed during their long past.

Truth is we do not actually know. What about Ancient Troy in Asia Minor in present day northern part of Turkey? Indus Valley (5000 BCE to 1500 BCE) and Sumer (5000 BCE to 1750 BCE), 2.

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